on friendship

i commented to a friend that i saw beauty in his friendship with the other lad, he replied that it was more company than anything else between them.

then i thought that was why it was precious.

one could have really good friends but geographical distance keeps them apart, so company is kept briefly or electronically or spiritually. nothing wrong with that. one could not ask everything to stay as one wished.

or certain unfortunate complexity exists between some friends. they probably care about it still (not true all the time), but company is forced not to take place. nothing could be done about this, and seeing friendship fading away is sometimes an experience of pain and growth. grown colder, more self-protective, stronger.

That is very destructive.

or some acquiescently call it an end from both sides, thanks for a year's cool events, cheers, see you soon. these ones perhaps have kept each other company for some months or so, usually sharing similar goals then (the least they must have shared), but apparently not good enough to want to make an effort for anything to last...or it is trendy not to bother keeping in contact, gotta clean up space for new friendship to happen??

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