Theatre Review: Chicago: The Musical

Grand Opera House York
19:30 10 Jan 2007

Ready for a night of sexy tangos, complex infamy, and pompous feather boas? Roxie Hart (Haley Flaherty) and Velma Kelly (Dawn Spence), together with Billy Flynn (George Asprey), are here to rock York. Chicago: The Musical, a touring production, is fashionably presented by Grand Opera House York, for old and new musical-goers in the region.

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sunny said...

my dear

I am so proud of you! a columnist! Rita is visiting me, and we talked loads about our crazy youth together. We surely missed you.

Hope you are here with us,

impermissiblewanyü said...

my sun!

on the night you gals had good fun me and wanchen also had dins dins together~~

here i can see a sky with cotton candy floating in it so i'm gonna go out, good night