evidence and conclusion, chicken and egg

Contrasting English specialists against those from science subjects, Jonathan Bate (2006) writes:

' As in science, every proposition you make is falsifiable. It is possible to be proved wrong: that is a real intellectual adventure. As critics and theorists, especially when we are led by our own ideological predispositions, we all too often seek to make the evidence lead us to the conclusion we hope for--in some cases, the conclusion we have reached before we even began investigating the question. Surprise, surprise: the canonical text reinscribes the ideology of patricarchy, imperialism, heteropreferentiality (delete as appropriate).

Isn't this slightly (and scarily) similar to what Lenny in 'Memento' does to himself? Only that Lenny's action to create a false evidence was apparently intentional; wait, whose actions aren't intentional? And we thought Lenny was a monster, or we thought 'he was after all only human'?

I might be totally wrong to even make the comparison, but I do this a lot. Corrections welcome.

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