fragments of provoked thoughts written down quickly

I never really like any sort of realistic presentation, because I prefer fiction, fantasy and imagination.

I don't mean human interactions, I mean in films.

Bai Ling (Zhang Ziyi) in '2046'

I found a scene in this film this time (I did not notice it when I watched it before): she returns to him what she accepted before from him, returning it to him when she says goodbye in order to arouse a certain amount of maybe conscience or maybe love in him, but cruelly (the author of this scene must be a very cruel person), what matters so much to the woman means so very little to the man. He either pays little attention to the pile of $10 notes, or suppresses any sentiments he might reveal. Sad. Just sad.

I almost forgot I own this DVD; I now love the film. Why didn't I before?

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