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on the lonely lonely way, a sense of solidarity is always uplifting...


husband said...


log in your gmail account
(remember to include "@gmail.com")
password:your password

then, they will ask you whether you want to try the beta version

then, just follow steps instructed

basically it provides some new features such as categories (labels), easy to edit sidebar, and feed for recent comments

just as what's shown in my test blog

give it try!

impermissiblewanyü said...

well i had a look at the new features, and actually i've managed to switch to this beta version now, but there's no change at all because I can't be bothered to use Layouts in order to use labels.. i mean, after all, this is only my blog, fancy features are not that necessary...

thanks tho!!

husband said...

haha, indeed!

I just like to try out new things...

But in fact they will switch all blogs to new version gradually, so maybe someday when they switch yours, you'll get to make use of the new features.

BTW, it seems that you are extremely worried about your thesis... I've grumbled enough for mine... Just want to say 加油!!!