choose Red Bull, choose chocolate, choose ginseng, choose Coke

Staying awake and happy during stressful days is an art.
The amount of chocolate I consume these days is a little worrying...
However, snacks always keep me happy!

Alternatively, I drink ginseng tea, or cook it in chicken soup as a very familiar diet choice I've had since childhood--because my grandfather was a Chinese herbal medical doctor... Somehow it almost always works on me!
Read more about Ginseng if you don't know what it is--> [click me]


wanchen said...

have you ever tried any red bull? is it available in the UK too?

Anonymous said...

go to your:shop,
i think it's 1.19 each can...

plus, my dear, vodka + red bull is the most famous/popular drink in uni bars, i used to drink a lot of that when i was younger