T introduced to me Rachmaninoff's Symphony No.2, conducted by Andre Revin, which is one of his all-time favourite classic recordings.

Amazing awesomeness. The music somehow is the best company while I go pensive upon concepts like balance and continuity... big thoughts on life.


Antje said...

How nice to read that! I feel the same...and although it probably is very boring to do that, I cannot help listening over and over to the this and the third, too. Stravinsky dismissed it as 'pretty film music'! (Made me feel very stupid when I read that.) Have you ever listened to the first one? I have never, but I would love to. I once read that it was a total flop and that suffering from depressions it took Rachmaninoff a decade to write the second, which instantly became very famous. Ha, so it is out of support we are listening to his music! Do you know more about that?

impermissiblewanyü said...

I don't really know any more about Rachmaninoff (although I heard this name all the time), and only until recently have I started listening to his symphony no. 2. Took a decade to compose it--wow!

Listening now to Brahms's violin sonata...

by the way it pleased me loads the other day you played Yann Tiersen. I loved that!!!