The Intellectuals and the weekend

S&S came to visit for a bit, and I really enjoyed playing music with them and the chats. (And of course a priceless guitar lesson.) Whenever I'm visited, I feel tremendously proud of York, as 9.9 out of 10 are impressed by the grace of this place. I feel also wholeheartedly proud of our guitarist--we have to have a gig before I die, I swear.

A bit before such eventful excitement of friendship instilment, the previous night I was lucky to be invited to Dr. KS's graduation drinks. Being with this group of friends pleases me loads, so relaxing, fun, and truthful.

And to trace back even further, I went to our uni's Woodstock festival for a bit. Saw friends' bands (Lowground and I AM JACK), hanging out about the stinky lake. Forgetting about work for a bit is always good.

That same day I lost big time at our club's badminton tournament. I still enjoy the sport and will just have to keep enjoying it while trying harder. Won the pub quiz tho. Hey hey, I'm sure that was the chairman's warm-hearted design to console the biggest loser...

Felt that a few things got to a steady condition; the long hovering passenger bravely accepts a certain confrontation. Something not belonging got unladen, like that Chinese philosopher says, you give up, you gain. One day she'll sing 'I'm Home'. Soon.


jennywren said...

HI Wanyu! Glad you had a nice time with S&S! I'm moving back to York tomorrow - so sad to be leaving Sheffield! I'll be back next week though! Hope you're well...

terri said...


我是 terri
從 wanchen 那裡連過來的..

我很喜歡你網頁的音樂 subside
所以就也把他放到我的網誌上面了 :)