Perhaps out of the fear to stand on the stage and also the pressure from the attempt to look energetic and at the same time charming, afterward I almost thought I was gonna faint or be sick. Nowhere to sit so I just leaned against something then went half asleep while the lot continued fulfilling their dancing desire, which, in my opinion, was aroused by C64 and the bumblebee. :)

Solidarity! C was absolutely sweet--I really felt we were in this together since the moment I promised to do the dancing with her: exchanging messages about how nervous we felt, deciding what to wear, getting ready together, screaming at the back stage to release pressure, ordering/delivering/eating pizzas in short skirts and geisha makeup.

Fantastic fun. I'll never forget....

PS. This is a link to read what I wrote for BBC NY... Click me...
'Computerpunk' love!
By Wanyu Lin
After being a member of the audience at Fibbers on countless occasions, WL finally gets a taste of what it's like to look back at the crowd from the stage. And what better way to start a career on stage than by dancing for a 'computerpunk' band?! [Click me]


zoe said...

cool! Wanna see! Do you have photos?

wanchen said...

hello 1u, yes I am back. it's a shame that I missed your performance, heard you have done a great job and had a great night! well done!