Thinking from a left-hander's p.o.v.

I was chatting to my left-handed brother about a fridge in S's house in Japan. (Go check out more! S's online album) This fridge is special because its door could open on any side.

A bit of the chat earlier
me: why would anyone want to invent something like that?
brother: It's good because then anyone can open it easily.
me: uh?
brother: Next time, try to open a door using your left hand.
me: what?
brother: Almost everything's designed to be used by right-handed people. But this fridge is great because for us left-handers, we can open it easily the way we want to open it.

Gosh. I never ever thought about this at all! I just thought, oh, ok, yet another gadget and design that is getting people to pay more for it just because it's different. I never knew that left-handed people could find life a little easier with this kind of careful invention.

Just like the other day L told me there're musical instruments for left-handers. I never knew that before. I now wonder how they feel about playing piano.

I chatted with M last night about my study and felt cheered up. Parties are good for me in all aspects, you see! It's splendid to feel being understood, to be given a new angle to look at things again. He said I seem to over analyse things too much tho.
M was surprised when I told him that I did not really care whether or not the plays were really written by Shakespeare. Perhaps I could write a bit more on this later.

Equally amusing and satisfying to me was that one of the guests and I were chatting about the book I've been reading which I left in the lounge last night (Helena by Machado de Assis). This also made me miss two guys: one Brazilian guy (whom I didn't know well) who was here two years ago, and we had this chat about this writer, and also T, who introduced Machado de Assiss' books to me.

I also read on my brother's blog that in a university in Japan, students use mobiles as their student i.d. They carry mobiles when they go to lectures, and with some further technology the tutors could see on the monitor who's absent because the mobiles would send signals. Gosh...

On second thought tho, if I don't want to go to a lecture, but don't want to be found missing, couldn't I just ask a mate to take my mobile with her to the class. Ha! Anyway, I don't like this kind of technology.


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