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Could hardly believe my ears, Leeds Utd just lost at home to a certain Crystal Palace. Damnit. And could that most stupid boy go any worse? 4 fouls in one game!! What did he think he was doing. After spending around 30 min listening to the game on radio only to find my team lost at home (ok, I did finish my work early enough to listen to the first half, and, ok, we were not good enough to get our important match brocasted on TV) but how could they not win!!!!

Liverpool 7:0 Birmingham. But this is not making me feel any better. OK, maybe slightly.

Equally intolerable is that I haven't been able to play any piano at all for more than a week, and it'll be a few more weeks before those practice rooms will be open again, and even longer to wait before my teacher will come back to let me use the slightly better pianos. This is apparently starting to get on my nerves. What am I to do?

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wanchen said...

are you going to london today? have a nice trip!