SIGUR RÓS (London)

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Saw the superb gig on 29 March 2006, London Hammersmith Apollo. (SOLD OUT!!)

To be honest, seeing this gig made me want to totally quit playing musical instruments... coz no matter how hard I try... (not all together a bad thing, i tell you)

I thought hoppípolla would be the song that I would've most enjoyed listening to live, but the one impressed me the most was the ending song (it was new stuff, right? i was so thrilled, I forgot which song that was..) and the one I was the most pleased to hear was olsen olsen from the untitled album.

I finally figured out what Hopelandic was. I really always thought they were always singing in Icelandic and also a dialect called Hopelandic.

Sigur Rós = born-to-be-musicians

Jónsi's voice might not be everyone's favourite, but he sounded almost angelic to me...in a good sense. (forgive my very inarticulate explanation) Orri was incredible too... I think... Ahhhhh, I don't know how many of you would understand or even care what I'm talking about here, what I thought what I felt what I saw what I heard, how come after the gig i could walk back to my friend's place in London in pouring rain but didn't mind it at all, wasn't scared at all, and during those hours what was in my mind

For some reasons the sound in the venue in Liverpool last Nov was better...

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