i really want to

wake up (and get up) early tomorrow
get a good amount of work done
be very quiet for two whole days
be able to understand what Wittgenstein and John Keats meant in the book I was reading

get a haircut soon
have a really good argument
stop thinking about some things
stop modifying this blog entry


Richard said...

Ambition is a fine thing. I have the same wish list more or less daily. Be strong!

Is Wittgenstein really weird?

Richard said...

Well, the first few. You can substitute the Wittgenstein for some maths, and the haircut for some sort of tidying. You don't sound like anyone else, despite my vain attempts to steal your thunder. I'll stop now.

1u said...

nearly went for a haircut but no one answered the phone... has it got closed down? met k for lunch instead and it was very nice, lovely day, blue sky~~

i guess Wittgenstein isn't weird but let me quote this here...(this is so out of context so i don't expect you to read it... just to give you a vague idea of what Wittgenstein has to do with my work at all..)

'Shakespeare and dreams. A dream is all wrong, absurd, composite, and yet at the same time it is completely right: put together in this strange way it makes an impression. Why? I don't know. And if Shakespeare is great, as he is said to be, then it must be possible to say of him: things aren't like that--and yet at the same time it's quite right according to a law of its own.'

excellent... blogging while studying...i'm feeling awful

husband said...


i am the last person who could give you advice of how to successfully follow a daily plan, but since i am trying the same thing recently, i want to say that such lists do help, though never accomplish them all, at least some matters are done each day

p.s. the quote is totally not understandable and vague...

1u said...

and John Keats just came in, now I am thinking my head off about 'negative capability' and the genius of Shakespeare

earlier on New Iconoclasts were here...

sorry, i talk to myself.. bed time soon

Natacha said...

Hey, wanyu, maybe we should contact K.., the highly disciplined student..: )

impermissiblewanyü said...

i took some pix of this k last night, and they're extremely hilarious...do you still want to go to that mozart concert on 25th? could you please get me a tic (from my piano teacher!!!) if you're going? thanks!!

impermissiblewanyü said...
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Natacha said...

I will get you a ticket next week. : )
Hope your knee is ok now.