1st Sat of Jan

1. Being European

I didn't mean Britain wasn't beautiful enough to be called European. Actually, my point was, every time I return to Britain from Europe, no matter I travel to Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, or other cities, I just feel oh, I'm back to an environment I feel familiar with, a country I know what's what exactly (well, almost), plus, I understand the language used here. When I was in Venice, I loved that city, but it was just totally foreign! Foreignly mysterious, strangely beautiful, so I was charmed...

2. Dangerous but delicious?

Some people enjoy talking about how many types of meat they have tried. I'm a practicing vegetarian (well, not strictly, and when being cooked for I try to eat whatever is offered) so I dislike that kind of topic. Today I heard the most horrifying thing that people eat: hatched eggs.... (believe me, I almost burst into tears) I don't know if I heard it wrong, but some people eat hatched eggs, before the little chicks could come out of their egg shells, they were made into dishes. :'(

Why? Oh, are they really that delicious? Even if so, wouldn't those enjoyers feel a bit guilty about it? That's the cruelest thing I've ever heard, and i can't believe someone actually claimed he loved that kind of thing and thought it could be food.

And then I mentioned I heard seafood is not safe to eat these days, but the group did not say they would stop eating fish or seafood, rather, they would continue: 'there is no way to stop pollution so we should just enjoy the moment, enjoy the food, and not to be obsessed about the safety of the food they eat. we all die in the end anyway'

I think it's not just a personal issue. We have to think about the next generation... I know, me stopping eating fish wouldn't make the sea cleaner, and eating veg might be eating all the chemicals on it as well, but just giving up and pretending there's nothing wrong about the earth is even worse, I suppose.

3. Pure
Just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Quite enjoyed the pure love, pure brevity, and passion for solving problems in the book. Too grey for children tho, (too grey for even me..I need something positive!!)


yushan said...

Hatched eggs.. hmm.. I heard and actually saw people eating hatched eggs on TV show before. It really disgusted me.

But I remember when we accused Korean of eating dogs, one argued that the dogs were raised for meat in the farms, just like beef or pork.

So, what's the difference between eating hatched eggs, beef, and chicken? :P

husband said...

I don't know...

I used to think eating raw fish is disgusting, but after I had a taste I started to justify myself for falling for the delicious Japanese food...

Maybe people just find a way to justify themselves for feeling better. I hope I will never eat hatched eggs, too cruel!!!

Karrie & Oreo said...

hello, its karrie, as i did drop u a txt, txt me back later!

1u said...

my argument is probably rubbish, but, ok, the strong eat the weak, and such is the natural law. More pigs or cows or other farmed meat animals are made to give birth to more or fed to grow unnaturally fat so that there'll be more meat for us to eat. This sounds less cruel? coz actually those animals ever exist solely because they are bound to be killed and sold and cooked into yummy dishes?

Ah! I don't know how to think about this!