sleepless, jumping up and down with MM

Somebody's fault (whose name starts with T...) I was listening to Modest Mouse so I'm now too warm...
People, check out the song 'Black Cadillacs'! ' But we were all still just dumb, dumb, dumber than the dirt, dirt, dirt on the ground. Well wings on flames, kings with no names, well this place just ain't got right air right now. You were so all over town but still so Crayola brown. Well you should run 'round yourself right now. And we were done, done, done with all the fuck, fuck, fuckin' around. Circlin' round...'

PS. I'm going to see Beth Orton in Leeds in Feb! (Even tho I might not be in England in Feb... well...) Exciting enough! And I wanna see Depeche Mode too... and many more.. perhaps Bon Jovi... (not really...)

PPS. I heard there's a band from Yorkshire which is becoming kind of big in the UK... Any idea which band?? My housemates saw them on the telly but fotgot their name....


jennywren said...

artic monkeys? from sheffield?

1U said...

Jennywren, (wow, you got up so early!)

I think you're right!! but they're called:

Arctic Monkeys?


Andy said...

I believe Bloc Party are from Leeds, or could perhaps, possibly, the mighty Shed Seven have become famous again?

1U said...

bloc party are from south London.

I think Jennywren's right and I just check out some of Arctic Monkeys' music... Quite nice indeed. (but haven't become the biggest fan yet...)

now on my blog I play my current favourite band's song 'name in lights' hope you guys like it.

(to sittingstill people, thanks for letting my readers hear your song.)

jen said...

Sorry, spelling mistake... it was very early.

I sometimes read blogs and send emails whilst eating my breakfast... that's why you guys get sent stuff at random hours.

Yay, end of the week at school! no lie-in tomorrow though coz have to visit a school in chesterfield. going out tonight for chinese though- hooray!

jennywren said...

wanyu, please tell me how to put music on my blog like you did!