One quotation

'Human communication, especially across social and cultural divides, is a very difficult matter. We humans are very good at finding meaning. We find it all over the place, even in the stars. ... In fact, we are so good at finding meaning that we very often run off too quickly with interpretations of what other people mean that are based on our own social and cultural worlds, not theirs. Too often we are wrong in ways that are hurtful. ... When we sit back and reflect on what people have said and written--a luxury we have too little in life, but the basis of discourse analysis--we often discover better, deeper, and more humane interpretations.' (by James Paul Gee)

It's interesting that what I have to read for my project could also let me think about my own everyday behaviour.

On second thought, is this me being unprofessional?

Oh third thought, hmm, perhaps I've done too much discourse analysis that I'm gradually driving myself crazy.


Sunny said...

Ya, I can see the aftermath of doing discourse analysis. I guess it's part of the process of trying to be critical, or, skeptical, or reading by the grain...

I am gonna pack my notebook and work at a local cafe terrace. Hope it's not too hot today. Believe it or not, I still have my AC one, and this is Novemeber in Texas.

wanyu said...

I'm quite tired now, and I'm feeling weird on my legs; I don't know what's the problem!

Saw my supervisor this morning.

Trying to be critical?? Why try??

Do try to save money for your drum lessons, my dear: we do need a drummer in our band.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Wanyu,
I've read the quotation from Gee. Are you interested in Jean's world? hahaha!! Welcome! I also quoted his book. Yes, all of us have our own Discourse (Gee uses capital D's). But I'm wondering if you really need discourse analysis for your research... Anyhway, don't think too much, or you would be crazy... Take care! Saeko

impermissiblewanyü said...


Thanks for the comment.. Yes I have to step into Jean's world... Hope she'll be happy about my effort...

Hope you're fine! When will you come back to York? Saw Yasuko regularly now, so I feel less lonely in the dept...

Koji said...

I made an extensive comment on your second thought, about whether being unprofessional or not. I think it not unprofessional at all to find a link between your academic work and daily experience.

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