October chill plus best wishes to K&C

I bought a poster today.
My hair is a mess today so when I saw C for lunch I hid it all in my little hat. Amazing how my thick hair all stayed in there. Some managed to sneak out tho. I had a haircut the other day--it was an impulsive action, from beginning to end only took 30 min including biking to and back. Hairdresser was slightly annoyed to hear i want to keep the same style and length--she must have been murmuring 'missy, why did you even bother come then.'
Received a picture taken outside a cathedral in Nowich--my trip there was fun! My friends took me to a Belgium bar which made me feel like going to those beers' homecountry. One day.

Work is like ever-lasting, but yesterday I received a wonderful response from one of my prospective interviewees--Shakespeare tutors never disappoint me. I always meet warm-hearted people. Am feeling absolutely fortunate to be doing this meaningful project...

Also, I promised some friends to write this here. (I didn't really...)
Friend K was splendidly romantic to refer to Keats' poem when interviewed by me. His amazing answer to my dull question 'what is the best you like about your girlfriend?':

He goes, 'That beauty.' Only understood by the philosopher!

'"Beauty is truth, truth beauty,"--that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

I like that the lad's apparently in love.
I couldn't recall seeing him happier than last night.
I said 'Thanks, I have no further questions.'

Oh, and the chat reminds me so much of my year in Leeds! That essay I wrote on John Keats and the Grecian Urn...


sunny said...

I now fall in love with Belgium white beer though I am not a beer lover.

Belgium is definately a charming country, small, old and delicate. And I was surprised to find some really food there, in addition to their world-famous beer. I had honey beer, chocolate beer, and some fruity ones. Quite interesting.

Seal got me the new MP3s from Cheer's new album. The song you sent me is my favorite. :)

impermissiblewanyü said...

hey sunny!!

How's LA?? Plus, I love your newest blog entry!!! You're such a poet, my dear!!

I will ask my older brother if he wants to go to Belgium too... (he's gonna come visit in Dec then he'll pay for my trip to Europe with him!!:P)

Honey beer sounds a bit weird! I think I love fruity ones, and the white beer. (Why is it white tho, I'm still wondering....)

That song is excellent. I wish I could play piano and sing like her....(was just practicing on y's guitar too, but... I guess I'll still be very rubbish for a while...)

kathy said...



impermissiblewanyü said...




你什麼時候來找我啊?我十一月中會下倫敦一趟唷,(if not sooner...)

oh the weather is so gloomy again!

zoekiwi said...

We love Rothko too! We've got one in red and white in our bedroom!

impermissiblewanyü said...

hi kiwizoe,
i like that poster a lot... how come i never saw yours?? (should visit you again soon to check it out...)

my room is now a lot different from what it was like when you last visited....

zoekiwi said...

dear wanyu,

That poster was supposed to hang in our bedroom just above our bed. However, lazy Loz hasn't done so and therefore the poster with the glass frame still lies next to our bed.

kathy said...