Gorgeous, Fantastic

Mark promised to cook for me and he did!!

While he was busy preparing the pizzas (see picture above) I said I could cut the cucumber but then I started eating some slices... had had to stop otherwise nobody would have had got any salad at all by the time they came down... (Leendert, is the tense in that sentence correct? It's your fault that now I'm so paranoid about the tense I use...) By the way, what was that dressing? I loved it.

Anyway, so Mark-the-chef was absolutely relaxed and we even talked a bit about music and other gossips. I never understand how people can be relaxed like that. I wish I could have been less horrified about cooking, I admire all these friends I have who are all marvellous chefs in their castles...

5 of us having dinner together so the table had to be extended--wow I never knew it could be open up and sit 10 people (actually, I never knew it could even be moved from where it's put..) I learn something new every time I go there...pretty amuzing... It's almost as cool as the table in our house!!

The three pizzas carried different ingredients, all good.. I don't think I had any mushrooms tho.. bit annoyed.. I did get a slice with bits of hot chillis on, yay! And the cheese... yummy... oh and a glass of wine from Austria! On my way there I told myself I would ask Mark how to bake a pizza or learn about it while observing or ask Julia about the Apple Crumpet or Lucy about the cheesecake or Leendert about the soup, but... (what a household! must find an excuse to visit there again soon... didn't anyone talk about Lasagna??)

Am going to listen to the CDs I brought back from there when I go to sleep tonight.


Mark said...


just wanted to post a comment on the music we listened to and you liked.

it was from bill frisell, an american jazz guitarist. have a look at his homepage (www.billfrisell.com). you can also find a lot of sound samples from his wunderfull music there.

and i have just found out that his tour manager for europe seems to be based in austria. funny. it's a small world. but at least i don't know the tour manager. that would be to small for this world.

the record we listened to was "the intercontinentals". but many others sound quite good to.

impermissiblewanyü said...

Thanks!! I was gonna ask you about the music! I listened to one of Bill Frisell's song online and that was from the CD you played the other night. :)
Will we listen to more of your music in the car?

Leendert said the tense in that sentence is wrong... I guess the correct one would be:

...had to stop eating the cucumber I was cutting otherwise nobody would have had any salad when they came down.

I bought some pineseeds today and I'm looking forward to making myself some salad! Thanks for telling me how to mix the dressing!!

mark said...

no problem...

i'll make a copy of the cd in vienna and send it to you.

impermissiblewanyü said...

you're very kind in deed...
If Bill Frisell tours to England I quite like to go see him!

Mark, you really play guitar! When I come to Vienna to visit you, I'll go to your gigs!

Thanks for coming to ours. Very sorry you had to bike in the rain; it's been so wet these days!