'glamourous hell' and 'fabulous adventure'

This month, Jeanette Winterson recommends us read Carol Ann Duffy's poems. Follow the link to read two poems by this poet--> [click me]

'Falling in love
is glamorous hell: the crouched, parched heart
like a tiger, ready to kill; a flame's fierce licks under the skin.
into my life, larger than life, you strolled in.' (from 'You', Rapture, Duffy)

A singer I like released her latest album too, and its English title is 'Fabulous Adventure' (華麗的冒險) I like that name a lot.

Oh, I frown. I am not a poet, nor a lover...


sunny said...

Ya, I just read the review of Cheer's new album. It seems she has turn to electronic too (some said so is Ze Huang). Will beg my friends in TW to send me her new album...hehe.

Thanks to Cheer. She has been a good companion during the long boring hours of paper-writing.

wanyu said...

our internet at home's not working... it's annoying...

I know that this is not the end of the world, and I can still come to uni to be connected to the worldwideweb...but..

i hate that something's broken. I've done all that I could now, but I still don't know when it'll be working again.