dream brother

this song by Jeff Buckley is my current favourite.

A few notes put together really can move me...
'Don't be like the one who made me so old
Don't be like the one who left behind his name
'Cause they're waiting for you like I waited for mine
And nobody ever came...'

Don't we all have our own favourite tunes. They accompany us thru our ups and downs.

What is the CD that you listen to these days on waking up?
what music calms you down?
what goes to sleep with you?
and with you when you study?

PS. The lad and the chap in my house were forced to listen to the song with me last night twice... Good music education for them I believe...


Anonymous said...

this is one of his best songs indeed... watched an amusing movie yesterday... broken flower by Jim Jamusch... very entertaining with some strong parts... almost tailored for Bill Murray... have you seen it?

jennywren said...

I am listening to Francoise Hardy! Not particularly my favourite, but I somehow can't link my computer to my new stereo, so am listening to her because it's the only CD I brought with me:( It's good, but am getting slightly tired of her...

impermissiblewanyü said...

I like Jamusch, I think he's pretty important; somehow I've not heard of 'broken flower' tho, (+ I'm not a big fan of Murray.) Hey, my jukebox is now playing a song called 'my faults' from the album '12' can you buy me that cd please.

do you know what you should do? go SHOPPING! it's almost weekend!(cd stores would give students discounts, you know...)

jennywren said...

I know - I should go shopping, but I have to remember that I'm a poor student now! I want to buy CDs, and books (especially the new Zadie Smith one).

Sunny said...

Hi there
I saw the film "Broken Flower" on Monday, after my meeting with my professor as a little treat to myself. It was quite amusing, but somehow, I felt it was too much tailored for Murray, kinda reminded me of "Lost in Translation" a lot.
The Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is coming this weekend (YA!) and we have one HK film (Butterfly) and one Taiwanese short film that will be shown during the fest. Kinda proud :)

Somehow, I listened to Leyona and Love Psychedelica a lot lately...nostalgic? You know, I will go to the Eagles' show with Seal in Oct...should be interesting.


impermissiblewanyü said...


EAGLES! WOW! this reminds me of the BAD RELIGION live I went last year at the London Astoria (almost crashed to death there...)

i suppose i wouldn't mind going to maybe portishead or blur...haha, i've already got exciting gig-plans for nov that i can't wait...

music, splendid:
risingson (massive attack)
homecoming etc (green day)
alone in kyoto (air)
sonate op. 49 (beethoven)
sonatine op. 36 (clementi)

ok i'll check out 'broken flowers' if it's ever gonna be showing here. Have a good time at the festival! (which film from taiwan is showing there??) no festi mood here tho coz the weather's absolutely gloomy... going away tomorrow for the weekend tho, yeah!! (and next weekend in the lake district! hurray~~~

sunny said...

oh dear
I got drunk for two nights in a row. I slept very well last night though.
Now I am checking out my CD collection for some soothing melody to ease my hangover. Would you recommend anything? (huh, no classical music, please?)


impermissiblewanyü said...

ah! hangover remedy?? I'm not an expert on that, coz I don't get those....

Let me think. Last time people got hangovers they listened to a bit of LemonJelly. Also perhaps some jazzy stuff...(you should know more about this category of music..)Or our beloved 陳綺貞?Perhpas anything without drumbeats and screaming would do, don't you agree?

I do feel a bit sick at the mo, good gracious. The train journey was too long!! Waiting at Peterborough for about an hour was unpleasant...

Why were you drunk two nights in a row!! (I had some very nice Belgian beers down in Norwich, excellent!!)

sunny said...

You know what? I found this one song of Fay Wang "等等" from her "流年" album very calming at the mo. Haven been listening to this one song all night.
Why did I get drunk 2 nites in a row? Will tell you more on IM....